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"Infrastructure and Indicators of Healthcare in the Caribbean" Report

The research report, Infrastructure and Indicators of Healthcare in the Caribbean, has been launched as the first complete canvas of the international health care systems across the region. Detailing the comparative healthcare infrastructures and related information in the Caribbean, the 300+ page report delivers this information and more in one, easy to use, comprehensive resource. For more information, including ordering your copy, click here.

Articles by the Medical Tourism Training Team

An interview of two medical travelers at the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit in London produced eye-opening feedback and comments from these experts. Will their insights convince providers that services need to improve? Read "What the Medical Travelers Said".
One of Canada's leading luxury hotels creates a unique position with novel health and wellness treatments, cryotherapy and halotherapy. Learn more in the article, "Freezing and Salting Guests - Brilliant Unique Selling Points".
Taking inspiration from the words of Charles Dickens, this three part series chronicles the healthcare sector through the eyes of its author. Part one details the "worst of times", part two "the best of times" and part three focuses on navigating the murky waters of determining who is a patient and who is a customer.

A Tale of Two Healthcare Providers: The Patient/Customer Experience, Part 1 – The Worst of Times
A Tale of Two Healthcare Providers: The Patient/Customer Experience, Part 2 of 3 – The Best of Tmes
A Tale of Two Healthcare Providers: Customers, Patients, or Clients?
In order for the international medical travel sector to thrive, improved data collection systems and increased transparency in sharing accurate data is essential. Here is a fresh perspective on the industry and ways to build credibility in reporting numbers: "Dissecting the International Medical Travel Sector: Better Definitions, Better Data, and Better Return on Investment".
Looking for marketing strategies to compete against the national health care system? Win patients implementing the ideas in "Competing with the "Free" Option".
Our consulting expert, Pam Frank, published an article on IMTJ entitled, "US Academic Medical Center and Medical Facilitators: A changing relationship?"
Interested in improving lead generation and converting more inquiries into paying clients? This article discussed the fundamentals for growing your business by doing better at tracking leads and turning them into customers.

Dont' Shake the Tree if You Can't Pick Up the Apples: Improving Lead Conversion

How effective are the Customer Response Systems in five Latin American countries doing to attract and convert international inquiries into patients? This report examines the web sites as well as telephone and email systems to convert inquiries into paying customers. The results may surprise you.

A Competitive Analysis of the Customer Response Systems in Five Latin American Countries

Everyone talks about branding medical travel organizations but these insights and tips from branding expert, Ilan Geva, can fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Branding Your Medical Travel Organization

Does your organization stand out from the crowd? Find out more about developing and promoting your Unique Selling Proposition (USO).

What is your USP? Avoid Being Invisible.

Avoid these mistakes from the "Field of Dreams" approach to doing without thinking.

Don't Just Do It!

Do you suffer from glossophobia? Follow these suggestions for overcoming your fear of public speaking to improve your professional skills.

Tips to Cure Glossophobia

Looking for innovative ways to increase the number of patients you serve? Read the practical advice offered by our expert, Margaret Ball, on working with Embassies and Consulates.

Becoming the Provider of Choice to Embassies and Consulates

The cost of bad behavior in the work place - including poor customer service and rudeness - is explored in calculated in this first of the three part series entitled "Naughty or Nice? The Impact of Bad Behavior on you, your organization and the bottom line". Understand the impact of incivility in the workplace including its costs as well as solutions.

"Naughty or Nice? The Impact of Bad Behavior on you, your organization and the bottom line".

Here is a simple explanation for Increasing Lead Conversions. Learn from one of our clients who used training to generate revenue from more clients.

What reasons does your organization use to justify not training employees? Read the six most common excuses for failing to train and the consequences of that failure in the article, "What if you don't train your employees and they stay?"

Have you tried on-line learning to build your knowledge and skills in the medical tourism sector? Here are some suggestions for individuals and employers to get the most out of e-learning. "Tips to Maximize the Investment in On-Line Learning", Elizabeth Ziemba, Copyright December 2011.

Is your organization customer focused? Learn more about delivering excellent customer service in the article, "We are All Customer Service Representatives", Elizabeth Ziemba, Copyright September 2011.

Thinking about getting started in the medical tourism business? This article from Travel Market Report, 8 Steps to Breaking into Medical Tourism, sets you off in the right direction.
By Elizabeth Ziemba, Copyright September 2011.

Explore the value of keeping more customers by exceeding their expectations in the third of this three part series about getting, losing and keeping clients:

"The Cost of Getting, Losing, and Keeping Clients - Part 3", Elizabeth Ziemba, Copyright August 2011.

"The Cost of Getting, Losing, and Keeping Clients - Part 2", Elizabeth Ziemba, Copyright July 2011.

"The Cost of Getting, Losing, and Keeping Clients – Part 1", Elizabeth Ziemba, Copyright June 2011.

"Secret Shopping: Close the Customer Service Gap, Increase Revenue", Elizabeth Ziemba, Copyright June 2011.

"What time is it there? Tips for Working Across Time Zones", Elizabeth Ziemba, Copyright June 2011.

"Does Customer Service Matter?", Elizabeth Ziemba, Copyright May 2011

"Medical Tourism: Are you ready for the opportunities and challenges?" Irving Stackpole and Elizabeth Ziemba, magazine of the Costa Rican Hoteliers Association, January - February 2010.
English version | Spanish version

"Medical Tourism Visas: Successfully Tackling Immigration Issues", Elizabeth Ziemba, Medical Tourism Magazine, January/February 2009.
Applying for and obtaining a visitor visa for medical purposes requires an understanding of the policies and procedures in place by various countries. Many countries have modeled their systems after the US system. This article is designed to help individuals, facilitators, travel agents, government agencies and others understand the requirements of the US system and apply some of the lessons learned to applications for other countries.
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Expectations Beyond Borders: Tools to Build an Exceptional Medical Tourism Business, a complimentary downloadable e-book written by Elizabeth Ziemba, Copyright October 2011.

Medical Tourism Marketing, Edited by Irving Stackpole, Contributing Authors Jason Summerfield and Elizabeth Ziemba, Published November 2009.


Want to learn more about the medical travel sector? Listen to Rick Brutti and Gary Riccio quiz me about the industry during an interview that aired recently on MYOB.


Building a Customer-Centered International Patient Department

Presented by Elizabeth Ziemba, President, Medical Tourism Training, Inc. at the European Medical Travel Conference, April 2012, Berlin, Germany.

Designed for health care providers and other organizations in the medical tourism sector, this presentation focuses on four questions to consider when building healthcare or other services for international medical travel clients.

Please click here to view the presentation. When viewing the presentation, click on the "Comment" tab and then select the "Annotations" tab to view the Presenter's Notes.
Taking Off to Take it Off: Evaluating Marketing Efforts to Attract US Patients for Bariatric Services at 13 JCI Hospitals in Latin America
Presented by Kristin Tyman, COO, Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association
Elizabeth Ziemba, President, Medical Tourism Training, Inc.
Running Time: 38 minutes

By applying objective measures and incorporating the subjective experience of the researchers when secret shopping the hospitals, this research concludes that: (1) the majority of these 13 hospitals offer high quality bariatric weight loss surgeries at prices that are competitive for US patients who are paying out of pocket; (2) communicating with 11 of the 13 hospitals ranged from challenging to moderately frustrating to impossible because web sites did not provide enough relevant, information-rich content, telephones were either not answered properly or not answered at all, telephone messages were rarely returned, responses were not received to most of the emails sent to obtain more information; and (3) most of these hospitals are not providing enough information for prospective patients from the US to make informed decisions about having bariatric surgery at their hospitals.

Please click here to view this presentation
The Future of Medical Tourism in Kerala
Presented by Elizabeth Ziemba, President of Medical Tourism Training and
Irving Stackpole, President of Stackpole & Associates

Joint presentation between Medical Tourism Training and Stackpole & Associates at the medical tourism conference sponsored by KIMS at Trivandrum, Kerala, India in February 2012.

Please click here to view this presentation.

Television, Film and Internet

The ever-popular US television program, 60 Minutes, originally aired a segment on medical tourism in 2007 featuring Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand and Apollo Hospital in India. It recently ran again and is still relevant to today's economy.
Vanguard on Current TV aired a segment on medical tourism called "Under the Knife Abroad" in November 2011. With its young and sympathetic host, Adam Yamaguchi, the program focuses on Americans leaving the US for various reasons to have surgery in India, Mexico and Barbados.
9000 Needles - Documentary Film

This documentary film follows the powerful story of American body builder, Devin Dearth, who suffers a debilitating stroke. Treated and discharged by the US healthcare system when he was "better", his family discovers a health care provider in Tianjian, China that combines Western and traditional Chinese medicine for stunning results. Available for purchase.
Sicko - The Movie

Controversial documentary film maker, Michael Moore, rips the American health care system to shreds as he travels to Canada, England, France, and Cuba exploring the various universal health care systems in those countries.

Watch online for free.
YouTube and Internet

The Internet is brimming with videos related to medical tourism. Medical Tourism Directory offers a selection of industry-related videos that the site updates 24/7. Scroll down to the middle of the page and Watch some of the good, the bad and the ugly about international health travel.


The EU Proposal for a Directive on patient’s rights in cross border healthcare provides an added stimulus to the already growing number of EU medical tourists who seek hospital treatment elsewhere in the European Union. Treatment Abroad has published a guide called "Your rights to treatment in Europe" explaining how international health travelers can explore treatment options.

Click here to be connected to a copy of this report.
In 2011, the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management published "A study of the problems and challenges faced by medical tourists visting India". This comprehensive survey of international health travelers to India highlights common problems faced by medical tourists in general as well as issues specific to India.